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Nebraska Pick 5
Calculated Results Table
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Sub GroupCombinations
Times DrawnOverDue
3odd 2even1o 3ooe 1e5,29226250.8
3odd 2even1e 3ooe 1o4,53622290.7
3odd 2even1o 3oee 1o3,78019171.2
3odd 2even1e 3ooo 1e1,470750.2
2odd 3even1e 3ooe 1e5,29226220.2
2odd 3even1o 3oee 1e4,41022211.0
2odd 3even1e 3oee 1o3,78019270.5
2odd 3even1o 3eee 1o720440.1
4odd 1even1o 3ooe 1o4,53622270.6
4odd 1even1o 3ooo 1e1,470740.1
4odd 1even1e 3ooo 1o1,260640.7
1odd 4even1e 3oee 1e4,41022260.1
1odd 4even1o 3eee 1e840421.4
1odd 4even1e 3eee 1o720440.1
5odd 0even1o 3ooo 1o1,260660.5
0odd 5even1e 3eee 1e840452.4