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Multi-State Mega Millions
Game Details & Payouts
Days Played: Tue & Fri
Game Type: Pick 5 of 70 Numbers
Jackpot Type: Rolls Over
Jackpot: Starts At $40,000,000
Bonus Balls: Yes
If Yes, Bonus Ball Required To Win Jackpot.
Bonus Ball Creates More Prize Categories
Odds of Winning 1 in:
With 25 Bonus Balls:
Supplemental Ball: No
A Supplemental Ball Improves Your Chances of Winning
(Lower Tier Prizes Only)
Plus Ball(s): Yes ( Megaplier )
Mulitiply non-jackpot Prize 2 to 5 Times.
Add $1 per play.
# Combination Groups: 21    Important - See Below
Cost Per Play: $2
Prize Categories
Match 0 Plus BBWin $1.00
Match 1 Plus BBWin $2.00
Match 2 Plus BBWin $5.00
Match 3Win $5.00
Match 3 Plus BBWin $50.00
Match 4Win $500.00
Match 4 Plus BBWin $5,000
Match 5Win $1,000,000
Match 5 Plus BBWin The Jackpot

Multi-State Game. Applicable State Tax Applies
*May differ from states' income and/or sales tax rates
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