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Learn About Number Combination Types

Odd and Even Numbers

A Primer Of Number Combination Types

There are only so many ways a number combination can be made up using odd and even numbers. Shown below are the 6 ways for all five number games and the 7 ways for all six number games.

5 Number Games 6 Number Games
3 odd / 2 even 3 odd / 3 even
2 odd / 3 even 4 odd / 2 even
4 odd / 1 even 2 odd / 4 even
1 odd / 4 even 5 odd / 1 even
5 odd / 0 even 1 odd / 5 even
0 odd / 5 even 6 odd / 0 even
0 odd / 6 even

Given how many numbers are in the game, we can calculate how many number combinations are possible for each odd/even set.

A 6 OF 49 GAME
Odd / Even SetCombinations
3 odd / 3 even4,655,200
4 odd / 2 even3,491,400
2 odd / 4 even3,187,800
5 odd / 1 even1,275,120
1 odd / 5 even1,062,600
6 odd / 0 even177,100
0 odd / 6 even134,596

Which type of number combination above would you expect to get drawn the most and the least? Given any number or drawings, we can calculate how many times each of the odd/even sets should be drawn.

Calculated Results for 275 Drawings
Odd / Even
3 odd / 3 even4,655,20091.5
4 odd / 2 even3,491,40068.7
2 odd / 4 even3,187,80062.7
5 odd / 1 even1,275,12025.1
1 odd / 5 even1,062,60020.9
6 odd / 0 even177,1003.5
0 odd / 6 even134,5962.6

The Calculated Results Table above is showing that a type of number combination with 3 odd numbers and 3 even numbers should be drawn much more than any other type. Do the odds prevail? The table below shows actual drawing results for one particular game after 275 drawings.

Florida's 6 of 49 Lotto
Actual Drawing Results After 275 Drawings
Odd / Even
Calc Act
3 odd / 3 even4,655,200 91.592
4 odd / 2 even3,491,400 68.768
2 odd / 4 even3,187,800 62.758
5 odd / 1 even1,275,120 25.125
1 odd / 5 even1,062,600 20.925
6 odd / 0 even177,100 3.55
0 odd / 6 even134,596 2.62

Notice that the more you balance your number combinations using odd and even numbers, the more you play the types of number combinations being drawn the most! Stunning? A revelation!? You bet! If you're not saying, "Wow!" and jumping out of your seat right now, you should be! That's history folks! It happens this way for every lottery game!

We could go on to calculate that the 3odd/3even type of number combination is drawn an average of once every 3 drawings, and that the 0odd/6even type is drawn an average of once every 106 drawings, but that is not the important thing right now. Hopefully, you are realizing that were you playing an all odd or an all even type of number combination all this time, you would have had only a few possible chances of winning the lottery over this 5 year period of time!

There are a couple important points that you should take note of when it comes to types of number combinations:

    First, is that if you do not play the type of number combination which is drawn, you will have absolutely no chance of winning the Grand Prize!

    Second, if you do play the type of number combination which is drawn, not only is it now possible for you to win, but you dramatically increase your odds of winning!

As we've mentioned before, we don't change the odds of the game, we reveal the odds of the game.

    It's all about narrowing your odds when it comes to selecting number combinations to play!

    It's all about playing the types of number combinations which will give you more opportunities of winning!

    It's all about playing smarter, not harder!

    It's about playing the odds!

    It's about not accepting that "there are 13,983,816 number combinations possible in the game and there is nothing you can do about it"!

We've just proven that you can do something about it! Already, you can play smarter! Knowing how often an all odd or all even type of number combination is drawn, are you still willing to accept any number combination the Quickpick number generator gives you at your local lottery retailer?

Remember that this is just a primer about types of number combinations. You have only seen one example of a type of number combination. You won't even see this table in our membership area. Why? Because it gets much better than this! There's another type much more powerful and beneficial to lottery players.

For additional reading, you can see how these odds are played out in the ball machine as the drawing takes place! Anatomy Of A Drawing!

Let Us Wish You All The Very Best Of Luck!