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Georgia Lottery Results

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Game DateDrawing ResultsDays Played
Midday Pick 3Sat, Feb 85-5-4Daily
Midday Pick 4Sat, Feb 82-0-2-8Daily
Midday Pick 5Sat, Feb 88-5-8-3-7Daily
Evening Pick 3Fri, Feb 79-9-6Daily
Evening Pick 4Fri, Feb 78-4-2-7Daily
Evening Pick 5Fri, Feb 78-1-2-4-0Daily
Fantasy 5Fri, Feb 709-10-17-24-34Daily
Multi-State Games
Win For LifeWed, Feb 501-03-08-12-26-27  31Wed & Sat
Decades of DollarsThu, Feb 602-06-11-36-38-43Mon & Thu
Mega MillionsFri, Feb 711-21-23-35-64  10Tue & Fri
PowerballWed, Feb 508-17-32-57-59  24
Power Play= X3
Wed & Sat

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