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Today's State Trivia: State Motto

CaliforniaI Have Found It
Fantasy 501-12-13-24-27(01/20)   $51,000
ColoradoNothing Without Providence
Cash 502-03-08-09-11(Average)   $20,000
ConnecticutHe Who Transplanted Still Sustains
Cash 506-07-15-33-35(Average)   $100,000
FloridaIn God We Trust
Fantasy 504-07-14-24-32(Average)   $100,000
GeorgiaAgriculture & Commerce & Wisdom, Justice, Moderation
Fantasy 508-16-18-27-30(01/20)   $100,000
Illinois tag = "il652"
LuckyDay Lotto Early12-17-20-22-35(01/20)   $350,000
LuckyDay Lotto11-13-20-24-38(01/20)   $350,000
IndianaThe Crossroads Of America
Cash 510-15-23-37-38(01/20)   $57,500
MarylandManly Deeds And With Favor Wilt Thou Compass Us As With A Shield
Bonus Match 513-14-19-31-37 S6(Average)   $50,000
5 Card Cash8C-3H-9H-8S-QS(Average)   $100,000
MassachusettsBy The Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only Under Liberty
Mass Cash09-14-19-31-35(Average)   $100,000
MichiganIf You Seek A Pleasant Peninsula, Look Around You
Fantasy 502-07-08-12-26(01/20)   $390,000
MinnesotaThe North Star
Northstar Cash08-13-17-19-24(01/20)   $29,000
MissouriThe Welfare Of The People Shall Be The Supreme Law
Show Me Cash05-06-15-22-25(01/20)   $257,000
New JerseyLiberty And Prosperity
Jersey Cash 514-19-24-25-29(01/20)   $262,000
New YorkEver Upward
Take 519-28-29-30-32(Average)   $90,000
North CarolinaTo Be Rather Than To Seem
Cash 505-06-16-19-35(01/20)   $319,000
OhioWith God All Things Are Possible
Rolling Cash 506-11-17-25-32(01/20)   $130,000
OklahomaLabor Conquers All Things
Cash 504-13-16-28-31(Average)   $25,000
PennsylvaniaVirtue, Liberty And Independence
Treasure Hunt12-20-23-24-26(01/20)   $80,000
Cash 511-18-20-23-39(01/20)   $1,000,000
VirginiaThus Always To Tyrants
Cash 5 (Early)13-14-18-24-33(Average)   $100,000
Cash 501-11-24-28-30(Average)   $100,000
WashingtonBye And Bye
Match 404-08-17-23(Average)   $10,000
Badger 511-12-15-19-30(01/20)   $22,000
SuperCash06-12-20-27-33-39 Tripler = N(Average)   $350,000


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