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Monday   July   17

State & Game Morning Midday Evening Night Details
ARKANSASState Motto: The People Rule
    Pick 33-5-38-6-3D/P
    Pick 44-8-1-62-3-3-3D/P
ARIZONAState Motto: God Enriches
    Pick 33-6-1D/P
CALIFORNIAState Motto: I Have Found It
    Pick 33-1-46-3-2D/P
    Pick 41-3-3-9D/P
COLORADOState Motto: Nothing Without Providence
    Pick 33-4-9D/P
CONNECTICUTState Motto: He Who Transplanted Still Sustains
    Pick 38-2-78-6-7D/P
    Pick 40-5-4-90-2-6-2D/P
DCState Motto: Justice For All
    Pick 35-3-38-5-0D/P
    Pick 45-3-9-42-2-9-7D/P
    Pick 50-5-1-1-93-6-1-4-4D/P
DELAWAREState Motto: Liberty And Independence
    Pick 31-0-19-1-7D/P
    Pick 43-1-9-11-7-5-1D/P
FLORIDAState Motto: In God We Trust
    Pick 30-3-25-1-1D/P
    Pick 47-5-3-31-1-9-7D/P
GEORGIAState Motto: Agriculture & Commerce & Wisdom, Justice, Moderation
    Pick 31-2-50-2-3D/P
    Pick 44-1-7-29-0-3-2D/P
    Pick 53-2-0-2-50-3-0-1-4D/P
IOWAState Motto: Our Liberties We Prize, & Our Rights We Will Maintain
    Pick 35-5-42-1-0D/P
    Pick 48-2-2-53-4-5-5D/P
IDAHOState Motto: It Is Forever
    Pick 34-3-76-8-0D/P
ILLINOISState Motto: tag = "il652"
    Pick 31-8-15-3-7D/P
    Pick 42-7-1-46-4-4-9D/P
INDIANAState Motto: The Crossroads Of America
    Pick 35-5-42-1-0D/P
    Pick 48-2-2-53-4-5-5D/P
KANSASState Motto: To The Stars Through Difficulties
    Pick 30-7-6D/P
KENTUCKYState Motto: United We Stand, Divided We Fall
    Pick 33-5-67-5-2D/P
    Pick 47-7-2-15-1-0-5D/P
LOUISIANAState Motto: Union, Justice And Confidence
    Pick 39-8-0D/P
    Pick 48-7-0-0D/P
MASSACHUSETTSState Motto: By The Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only Under Liberty
    Pick 40-8-5-62-8-4-6D/P
MARYLANDState Motto: Manly Deeds And With Favor Wilt Thou Compass Us As With A Shield
    Pick 34-8-17-0-0D/P
    Pick 42-2-7-10-5-2-3D/P
MICHIGANState Motto: If You Seek A Pleasant Peninsula, Look Around You
    Pick 30-7-32-9-1D/P
    Pick 40-3-9-99-4-9-8D/P
MINNESOTAState Motto: The North Star
    Pick 30-0-9D/P
MISSOURIState Motto: The Welfare Of The People Shall Be The Supreme Law
    Pick 34-2-33-8-8D/P
    Pick 49-6-4-29-8-2-9D/P
NORTH CAROLINAState Motto: To Be Rather Than To Seem
    Pick 31-6-27-3-7D/P
    Pick 45-7-1-07-2-0-1D/P
NEBRASKAState Motto: Equality Before Law
    Pick 34-1-7D/P
NEW JERSEYState Motto: Liberty And Prosperity
    Pick 38-3-36-0-7D/P
    Pick 41-5-3-81-1-7-8D/P
NEW MEXICOState Motto: It Grows As It Goes
    Pick 30-5-13-5-0D/P
NEW YORKState Motto: Ever Upward
    Pick 37-3-18-8-8D/P
    Pick 41-4-4-35-1-5-7D/P
OHIOState Motto: With God All Things Are Possible
    Pick 36-0-27-3-4D/P
    Pick 41-1-1-59-0-0-8D/P
    Pick 51-8-6-7-02-2-9-3-7D/P
OKLAHOMAState Motto: Labor Conquers All Things
    Pick 31-2-2D/P
OREGONState Motto: She Flies With Her Own Wings
    Pick 44-6-8-26-3-8-47-4-8-52-8-7-1D/P
PENNSYLVANIAState Motto: Virtue, Liberty And Independence
    Pick 36-4-14-1-3D/P
    Pick 44-1-8-50-5-7-1D/P
    Pick 51-7-3-8-93-7-6-6-2D/P
RHODE ISLANDState Motto: Hope
    Pick 48-4-6-45-9-3-5D/P
SOUTH CAROLINAState Motto: Prepared In Mind And Resources
    Pick 35-9-55-1-3D/P
    Pick 46-2-3-08-0-3-6D/P
TENNESSEEState Motto: Agriculture And Commerce
    Pick 30-0-89-2-52-1-8D/P
    Pick 48-5-6-40-3-9-88-4-3-2D/P
    Pick 39-7-47-9-6D/P
    Pick 45-8-7-58-4-4-6D/P
TEXASState Motto: Friendship
    Pick 37-1-89-9-05-1-63-9-9D/P
    Pick 45-1-9-90-9-6-27-2-1-67-2-4-7D/P
VIRGINIAState Motto: Thus Always To Tyrants
    Pick 35-4-68-9-2D/P
    Pick 42-7-8-92-3-7-1D/P
WASHINGTONState Motto: Bye And Bye
    Pick 31-1-0D/P
WISCONSINState Motto: Forward
    Pick 30-5-8D/P
    Pick 44-2-5-1D/P
WEST VIRGINIAState Motto: Mountaineers Are Always Free
    Pick 35-2-4D/P
    Pick 44-0-9-7D/P

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