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Sunday   April   23

State & Game Morning Midday Evening Night Details
ARKANSASState Nickname: The Natural State
    Pick 30-9-0D/P
    Pick 41-7-7-0D/P
CALIFORNIAState Nickname: The Golden State
    Pick 34-5-85-5-5D/P
    Pick 46-2-1-1D/P
COLORADOState Nickname: The Centennial State
    Pick 37-6-6D/P
CONNECTICUTState Nickname: The Constitution State
    Pick 39-0-23-8-8D/P
    Pick 46-7-2-84-1-9-9D/P
DCState Nickname:
    Pick 30-7-22-0-0D/P
    Pick 46-4-7-39-2-3-8D/P
    Pick 56-2-1-5-36-1-2-8-9D/P
DELAWAREState Nickname: The First State
    Pick 30-2-7D/P
    Pick 46-5-9-4D/P
FLORIDAState Nickname: The Sunshine State
    Pick 30-4-48-6-7D/P
    Pick 46-6-0-13-4-9-4D/P
GEORGIAState Nickname: Empire State of the South
    Pick 39-1-71-2-8D/P
    Pick 45-1-0-39-7-1-8D/P
    Pick 50-6-1-3-60-4-4-8-0D/P
IOWAState Nickname: The Hawkeye State
    Pick 37-8-21-1-9D/P
    Pick 42-3-7-58-9-1-3D/P
IDAHOState Nickname: The Gem State
    Pick 33-8-61-0-9D/P
ILLINOISState Nickname: The Prairie State
    Pick 35-6-76-3-8D/P
    Pick 43-9-5-70-2-5-3D/P
INDIANAState Nickname: The Hoosier State
    Pick 32-8-1D/P
    Pick 47-3-8-0D/P
KANSASState Nickname: The Sunflower State
    Pick 37-3-0D/P
KENTUCKYState Nickname: The Bluegrass State
    Pick 35-4-5D/P
    Pick 44-6-9-9D/P
LOUISIANAState Nickname: The Pelican State
    Pick 34-2-3D/P
    Pick 47-8-3-2D/P
MASSACHUSETTSState Nickname: The Bay State
    Pick 47-1-4-86-8-9-7D/P
MARYLANDState Nickname: The Old Line State
    Pick 34-6-64-9-4D/P
    Pick 47-8-2-69-0-4-4D/P
MICHIGANState Nickname: The Wolverine State
    Pick 36-1-05-8-5D/P
    Pick 45-1-0-24-4-9-6D/P
MINNESOTAState Nickname: The North Star State
    Pick 34-0-9D/P
MISSOURIState Nickname: The Show Me State
    Pick 32-5-92-7-2D/P
    Pick 49-5-8-84-3-7-4D/P
NORTH CAROLINAState Nickname: The Tar Heel State
    Pick 33-0-74-5-5D/P
    Pick 48-6-7-81-8-8-9D/P
NEW JERSEYState Nickname: The Garden State
    Pick 30-2-53-1-6D/P
    Pick 43-9-9-83-8-9-2D/P
NEW YORKState Nickname: The Empire State
    Pick 35-9-24-8-6D/P
    Pick 44-5-9-71-0-6-2D/P
OHIOState Nickname: The Buckeye State
    Pick 36-3-70-5-3D/P
    Pick 43-3-0-10-3-3-8D/P
    Pick 57-4-1-4-79-1-5-2-1D/P
OKLAHOMAState Nickname: Sooner State
    Pick 38-5-6D/P
OREGONState Nickname: The Beaver State
    Pick 44-7-4-69-6-9-73-1-1-89-7-7-9D/P
PENNSYLVANIAState Nickname: The Keystone State
    Pick 30-6-80-8-1D/P
    Pick 41-6-5-65-9-5-7D/P
    Pick 56-4-4-1-88-3-7-7-5D/P
RHODE ISLANDState Nickname: Little Rhody
    Pick 48-2-7-93-7-6-9D/P
SOUTH CAROLINAState Nickname: The Palmetto State
    Pick 39-8-7D/P
    Pick 49-3-9-2D/P
TENNESSEEState Nickname: The Volunteer State
    Pick 34-5-8D/P
    Pick 47-7-8-0D/P
    Pick 33-7-80-3-0D/P
    Pick 43-1-8-86-2-4-7D/P
VIRGINIAState Nickname: Old Dominion
    Pick 36-6-33-0-8D/P
    Pick 40-9-3-91-0-2-8D/P
WASHINGTONState Nickname: The Evergreen State
    Pick 36-9-7D/P
WISCONSINState Nickname: The Badger State
    Pick 39-4-7D/P
    Pick 46-7-3-7D/P

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