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Wednesday   April   26

State & Game Morning Midday Evening Night Details
ARKANSASState Bird: Mockingbird
    Pick 34-7-97-6-9D/P
    Pick 48-5-5-86-0-3-9D/P
ARIZONAState Bird: Cactus Wren
    Pick 35-2-3D/P
CALIFORNIAState Bird: California Quail
    Pick 32-3-03-1-0D/P
    Pick 43-9-6-8D/P
COLORADOState Bird: Lark Bunting
    Pick 38-1-7D/P
CONNECTICUTState Bird: American Robin
    Pick 32-1-42-9-7D/P
    Pick 41-2-1-98-1-5-7D/P
DCState Bird: Wood Thrush
    Pick 39-8-85-9-7D/P
    Pick 45-0-1-86-5-1-8D/P
    Pick 55-4-8-9-67-1-3-3-6D/P
DELAWAREState Bird: Blue Hen Chicken
    Pick 38-5-61-8-7D/P
    Pick 40-4-7-15-7-7-0D/P
FLORIDAState Bird: Mockingbird
    Pick 35-2-18-8-9D/P
    Pick 43-1-8-31-8-2-3D/P
GEORGIAState Bird: Brown Thrasher
    Pick 32-5-48-8-3D/P
    Pick 49-9-3-51-0-2-3D/P
    Pick 57-6-2-7-26-7-5-7-0D/P
IOWAState Bird: American Goldfinch
    Pick 37-7-70-1-2D/P
    Pick 48-3-1-28-5-7-4D/P
IDAHOState Bird: Mountain Bluebird
    Pick 30-5-24-1-0D/P
ILLINOISState Bird: Cardinal
    Pick 37-1-97-7-1D/P
    Pick 48-0-6-45-5-2-2D/P
INDIANAState Bird: Cardinal
    Pick 39-1-44-1-1D/P
    Pick 45-8-3-01-8-8-2D/P
KANSASState Bird: Western Meadowlark
    Pick 39-9-2D/P
KENTUCKYState Bird: Cardinal
    Pick 32-6-46-2-6D/P
    Pick 42-6-0-72-9-5-0D/P
LOUISIANAState Bird: Brown Pelican
    Pick 36-4-6D/P
    Pick 44-4-6-8D/P
MASSACHUSETTSState Bird: Black-capped Chickadee
    Pick 42-5-0-42-7-6-7D/P
MARYLANDState Bird: Baltimore Oriole
    Pick 33-1-82-0-8D/P
    Pick 46-5-3-16-0-9-0D/P
MICHIGANState Bird: American Robin
    Pick 34-2-70-6-1D/P
    Pick 44-2-8-72-1-7-4D/P
MINNESOTAState Bird: Common Loon
    Pick 32-3-4D/P
MISSOURIState Bird: Eastern Bluebird
    Pick 39-1-40-0-3D/P
    Pick 49-0-8-84-4-4-9D/P
NORTH CAROLINAState Bird: Cardinal
    Pick 34-6-42-9-9D/P
    Pick 42-9-0-36-4-2-2D/P
NEBRASKAState Bird: Western Meadowlark
    Pick 38-2-7D/P
NEW JERSEYState Bird: American Goldfinch
    Pick 33-3-10-8-5D/P
    Pick 43-7-4-96-7-0-0D/P
NEW MEXICOState Bird: Roadrunner
    Pick 39-9-77-4-2D/P
NEW YORKState Bird: Eastern Bluebird
    Pick 32-3-18-3-3D/P
    Pick 42-3-3-74-7-0-3D/P
OHIOState Bird: Cardinal
    Pick 32-6-26-2-1D/P
    Pick 43-9-8-08-8-9-9D/P
    Pick 52-6-0-2-79-1-9-1-9D/P
OKLAHOMAState Bird: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
    Pick 33-2-5D/P
OREGONState Bird: Western Meadowlark
    Pick 42-0-0-20-1-9-05-1-6-22-5-6-8D/P
PENNSYLVANIAState Bird: Ruffed Grouse
    Pick 34-4-85-9-9D/P
    Pick 45-5-4-25-1-5-1D/P
    Pick 56-7-0-2-45-2-0-4-4D/P
RHODE ISLANDState Bird: Rhode Island Red (chicken)
    Pick 47-1-2-53-2-0-6D/P
SOUTH CAROLINAState Bird: Carolina Red
    Pick 32-8-60-6-5D/P
    Pick 45-1-1-76-4-7-6D/P
TENNESSEEState Bird: Mockingbird
    Pick 38-3-69-2-69-2-6D/P
    Pick 49-1-9-41-7-6-32-1-9-9D/P
    Pick 34-9-81-0-7D/P
    Pick 47-2-7-22-5-5-3D/P
TEXASState Bird: Mockingbird
    Pick 39-9-76-3-96-8-04-3-7D/P
    Pick 44-0-9-64-4-3-68-0-4-51-5-9-9D/P
VIRGINIAState Bird: Cardinal
    Pick 39-0-60-5-4D/P
    Pick 46-9-4-63-1-3-5D/P
WASHINGTONState Bird: American Goldfinch
    Pick 35-2-8D/P
WISCONSINState Bird: America Robin
    Pick 31-0-2D/P
    Pick 42-8-9-9D/P
WEST VIRGINIAState Bird: Cardinal
    Pick 38-6-3D/P
    Pick 48-4-9-3D/P

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