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Monday   February   12

State &
ARIZONAState Motto: God Enriches
5 Card Cash6C-AH-QH-9S-KSSat Feb 171-1-3
Fantasy 510-21-24-32-38$51,000Sat Feb 171-2-2
ARKANSASState Motto: The People Rule
Natural State Jackpot01-04-09-12-38$110,000Sat Feb 174-0-1
CALIFORNIAState Motto: I Have Found It
Fantasy 501-05-07-20-25$184,000Sat Feb 173-2-0
COLORADOState Motto: Nothing Without Providence
Cash 509-18-22-26-30$0Sat Feb 171-1-3
CONNECTICUTState Motto: He Who Transplanted Still Sustains
Cash 502-04-27-28-32$0Sat Feb 172-0-3
DELAWAREState Motto: Liberty And Independence
Multi-Win Lotto05-18-20-27-29-35$65,000Mon Feb 191-2-3
FLORIDAState Motto: In God We Trust
Fantasy 504-12-13-18-35$0Sat Feb 172-2-1
GEORGIAState Motto: Agriculture & Commerce & Wisdom, Justice, Moderation
5 Card Cash7C-QC-9D-7H-9S$0Sun Feb 182-2-1
Fantasy 502-19-20-25-36$125,000Sat Feb 171-3-1
Jumbo Bucks Lotto03-07-13-24-27-40$7,000,000Mon Feb 193-2-1
ILLINOISState Motto: tag = "il652"
LuckyDay Lotto Eve07-08-17-22-43$250,000Sat Feb 172-2-1
LuckyDay Lotto Mid04-13-14-27-39$300,000Sun Feb 183-1-1
Lotto04-05-08-14-26-44 S14$4,500,000Sat Feb 174-1-1
INDIANAState Motto: The Crossroads Of America
Cash 510-12-22-24-25$1,300,000Sat Feb 172-3-0
KANSASState Motto: To The Stars Through Difficulties
Super Kansas Cash02-14-15-26-29 B10$250,000Sat Feb 171-2-2
KENTUCKYState Motto: United We Stand, Divided We Fall
5 Card Cash4C-10C-6D-2S-3S$0Sat Feb 172-1-2
MARYLANDState Motto: Manly Deeds And With Favor Wilt Thou Compass Us As With A Shield
Bonus Match 508-22-27-29-37 S12$0Sat Feb 171-1-3
Multi-Match03-05-15-18-38-42$700,000Mon Feb 192-2-2
5 Card Cash9D-QD-2H-6H-8S$0Sat Feb 170-4-1
MASSACHUSETTSState Motto: By The Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only Under Liberty
Mass Cash07-08-12-32-34$0Sat Feb 172-1-2
MICHIGANState Motto: If You Seek A Pleasant Peninsula, Look Around You
Poker Lotto4C-KC-9D-3H-10H$0Sat Feb 172-2-1
Fantasy 510-13-15-23-39$100,000Sat Feb 172-2-1
MINNESOTAState Motto: The North Star
Northstar Cash02-05-07-09-26$26,000Sun Feb 184-0-1
Gopher 513-22-32-33-34$495,000Mon Feb 191-1-3
MISSOURIState Motto: The Welfare Of The People Shall Be The Supreme Law
Show Me Cash01-19-30-35-38$81,000Sat Feb 171-1-3
Cash 4 Life01-05-17-21-33 B04$0Mon Feb 193-2-0
Lucky For Life07-11-33-37-47 B10$0Mon Feb 192-0-3
Gimme 507-13-16-26-39$0Mon Feb 192-2-1
NEBRASKAState Motto: Equality Before Law
Pick 504-07-13-22-31$238,000Sat Feb 172-2-1
NEW JERSEYState Motto: Liberty And Prosperity
5 Card Cash3C-2D-9H-2S-7S$0Sat Feb 172-0-3
Jersey Cash 507-34-37-39-40$75,000Sat Feb 171-0-4
Pick 6 Xtra09-16-25-26-29-43$2,000,000Mon Feb 192-3-1
NEW MEXICOState Motto: It Grows As It Goes
RoadRunner Cash05-22-26-35-36$45,000Sat Feb 171-1-3
NEW YORKState Motto: Ever Upward
Take 506-18-20-29-31$0Sat Feb 171-2-2
NORTH CAROLINAState Motto: To Be Rather Than To Seem
Cash 504-05-08-24-35$100,000Sat Feb 173-1-1
OHIOState Motto: With God All Things Are Possible
Rolling Cash 509-16-19-31-34$110,000Sat Feb 171-2-2
Classic Lotto12-15-19-20-27-48$2,500,000Sat Feb 172-3-1
OKLAHOMAState Motto: Labor Conquers All Things
Poker PickAC-2C-8C-9C-AH$0Sat Feb 174-1-0
Cash 501-07-08-10-11$0Sat Feb 175-0-0
OREGONState Motto: She Flies With Her Own Wings
Megabucks04-10-21-26-37-41$8,000,000Sat Feb 172-2-2
PENNSYLVANIAState Motto: Virtue, Liberty And Independence
Treasure Hunt04-05-10-11-14$30,000Sun Feb 183-2-0
Cash 503-06-30-39-40$300,000Sun Feb 182-0-3
Match 602-18-20-36-39-48$830,000Sun Feb 181-2-3
SOUTH CAROLINAState Motto: Prepared In Mind And Resources
Palmetto Cash 502-13-14-25-29$0Sun Feb 181-3-1
TENNESSEEState Motto: Agriculture And Commerce
Tennessee Cash12-16-17-23-26 B01$340,000Mon Feb 190-4-1
TEXASState Motto: Friendship
Cash 514-15-17-20-32$0Sat Feb 170-4-1
VIRGINIAState Motto: Thus Always To Tyrants
Cash 5 Mid07-13-29-31-32$0Sun Feb 181-1-3
Cash 5 Eve02-11-15-18-26$0Sat Feb 172-2-1
WASHINGTONState Motto: Bye And Bye
Hit 506-16-18-28-31$490,000Sat Feb 171-2-2
Lotto02-15-21-25-33-36$1,800,000Sat Feb 172-2-2
WEST VIRGINIAState Motto: Mountaineers Are Always Free
Cash 2501-04-08-09-14-25$0Mon Feb 193-2-1
WISCONSINState Motto: Forward
5 Card Cash10C-9D-QD-7S-KS$0Sat Feb 171-2-2
Badger 503-04-16-21-25$10,000Sat Feb 172-1-2
SuperCash03-07-11-15-18-29$0Sat Feb 173-2-1
WYOMINGState Motto: Equal Rights
Cowboy Draw13-15-17-27-40$805,000Mon Feb 192-2-1

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