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Sunday   February   11

State &
CALIFORNIAState Nickname: The Golden State
Fantasy 503-10-23-24-34$184,000Sat Feb 172-2-1
COLORADOState Nickname: The Centennial State
Cash 510-18-30-31-32$0Sat Feb 171-1-3
CONNECTICUTState Nickname: The Constitution State
Cash 511-13-31-34-35$0Sat Feb 171-1-3
FLORIDAState Nickname: The Sunshine State
Fantasy 504-07-09-20-32$0Sat Feb 173-1-1
GEORGIAState Nickname: Empire State of the South
5 Card Cash4D-7D-9D-JD-8S$0Sun Feb 181-3-1
Fantasy 502-06-19-23-26$125,000Sat Feb 172-3-0
ILLINOISState Nickname: The Prairie State
LuckyDay Lotto Eve15-18-19-24-43$250,000Sat Feb 171-3-1
LuckyDay Lotto Mid15-18-19-24-43$300,000Sun Feb 181-3-1
INDIANAState Nickname: The Hoosier State
Cash 512-14-21-25-27$1,300,000Sat Feb 172-3-0
MARYLANDState Nickname: The Old Line State
Bonus Match 503-06-29-33-37 S32$0Sat Feb 172-0-3
5 Card Cash3D-4D-KD-5H-KH$0Sat Feb 172-2-1
MASSACHUSETTSState Nickname: The Bay State
Mass Cash09-14-22-24-33$0Sat Feb 171-2-2
MICHIGANState Nickname: The Wolverine State
Poker Lotto6C-KC-QH-4S-7S$0Sat Feb 172-0-3
Fantasy 503-08-10-16-38$100,000Sat Feb 173-1-1
MINNESOTAState Nickname: The North Star State
Northstar Cash02-11-16-19-22$26,000Sun Feb 181-3-1
MISSOURIState Nickname: The Show Me State
Show Me Cash04-13-19-21-35$81,000Sat Feb 172-2-1
NEW JERSEYState Nickname: The Garden State
5 Card Cash8D-5H-7H-4S-10S$0Sat Feb 170-3-2
Jersey Cash 513-26-32-36-37$75,000Sat Feb 171-1-3
NEW YORKState Nickname: The Empire State
Take 501-16-20-36-38$0Sat Feb 171-2-2
NORTH CAROLINAState Nickname: The Tar Heel State
Cash 502-11-15-36-40$100,000Sat Feb 172-1-2
OHIOState Nickname: The Buckeye State
Rolling Cash 503-12-16-22-26$110,000Sat Feb 172-3-0
OKLAHOMAState Nickname: Sooner State
Poker PickAD-5D-10D-JD-KS$0Sat Feb 171-3-1
Cash 502-07-12-22-27$0Sat Feb 173-1-1
PENNSYLVANIAState Nickname: The Keystone State
Treasure Hunt22-23-24-27-30$30,000Sun Feb 180-0-5
Cash 511-16-20-31-36$300,000Sun Feb 181-2-2
Match 614-27-28-40-44-48$830,000Sun Feb 181-2-3
SOUTH CAROLINAState Nickname: The Palmetto State
Palmetto Cash 502-12-27-30-36$0Sun Feb 182-0-3
VIRGINIAState Nickname: Old Dominion
Cash 5 Mid13-21-23-24-30$0Sun Feb 180-2-3
Cash 5 Eve06-10-11-30-32$0Sat Feb 173-0-2
WISCONSINState Nickname: The Badger State
5 Card Cash3D-QD-2H-AS-7S$0Sat Feb 171-2-2
Badger 506-07-09-20-27$10,000Sat Feb 173-1-1
SuperCash04-15-18-26-27-31$0Sat Feb 171-3-2

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