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Saturday   September   16

State &
ARIZONAState Song: "Arizona"
5 Card Cash7C-4D-2S-8S-9S$0Wed Sep 132-0-3
Fantasy 502-10-11-18-28$260,000Wed Sep 133-1-1
The Pick13-15-22-25-31-42$7,400,000Wed Sep 131-3-2
ARKANSASState Song: "Arkansas"
Natural State Jackpot09-21-25-30-38$145,000Wed Sep 131-2-2
CALIFORNIAState Song: "I Love You, California"
Fantasy 524-25-26-30-39$73,000Wed Sep 130-3-2
SuperLotto Plus04-05-07-26-33 B19$13,000,000Wed Sep 133-1-1
COLORADOState Song: "Where The Columbines Grow"
Cash 501-12-15-16-30$0Wed Sep 131-3-1
Lotto15-17-22-24-37-38$3,000,000Wed Sep 130-4-2
CONNECTICUTState Song: "Yankee Doodle"
Cash 504-07-12-19-22$0Wed Sep 132-3-0
FLORIDAState Song: "Florida, My Florida"
Fantasy 502-07-14-23-31$0Wed Sep 132-2-1
Lotto10-31-45-50-51-52$5,500,000Wed Sep 131-1-4
GEORGIAState Song: "Georgia On My Mind"
5 Card Cash6C-8C-9D-2S-6S$0Thu Sep 142-1-2
Fantasy 506-24-28-29-38$125,000Wed Sep 131-2-2
IDAHOState Song: "Here We Have Idaho"
Weekly Grand03-14-18-20-26$0Wed Sep 131-3-1
ILLINOISState Song: "Illinois"
LuckyDay Lotto Mid07-13-22-34-41$100,000Thu Sep 142-1-2
LuckyDay Lotto Eve04-11-22-25-34$500,000Wed Sep 132-2-1
Lotto16-28-30-32-48-52 S21$6,500,000Thu Sep 141-3-2
INDIANAState Song: "On The Banks Of The Wabash"
Cash 503-20-34-38-44$423,000Wed Sep 131-1-3
Hoosier Lotto01-14-18-24-37-39$22,500,000Wed Sep 132-2-2
KANSASState Song: "Home On The Range"
Super Kansas Cash04-05-19-27-28 B13$320,000Wed Sep 132-1-2
KENTUCKYState Song: "My Old Kentucky Home"
5 Card Cash4C-10C-2H-KH-4S$0Wed Sep 132-1-2
LOUISIANAState Song: "Give Me Louisiana"
Easy 502-08-19-20-33$220,000Wed Sep 132-2-1
Lotto03-09-21-22-34-39$475,000Wed Sep 132-2-2
MARYLANDState Song: "Maryland My Maryland"
Bonus Match 507-12-19-22-36 S20$0Thu Sep 142-2-1
5 Card Cash7C-7H-9H-7S-10S$0Thu Sep 141-1-3
MASSACHUSETTSState Song: "Hail Massachusetts"
Mass Cash03-08-13-28-30$0Wed Sep 132-1-2
Megabucks Doubler10-23-24-35-45-49$4,600,000Wed Sep 131-2-3
MICHIGANState Song: "Michigan, My Michigan"
Poker Lotto4D-8D-8H-2S-10S$0Thu Sep 141-2-2
Fantasy 501-06-13-25-32$317,000Thu Sep 143-1-1
Classic Lotto 4714-22-23-32-42-43$1,600,000Sat Sep 161-2-3
MINNESOTAState Song: "Hail Minnesota"
Northstar Cash02-11-23-25-30$25,000Thu Sep 141-1-3
MISSOURIState Song: "Missouri Waltz"
Show Me Cash04-07-08-13-29$421,000Wed Sep 134-0-1
Lotto03-05-10-19-42-43$3,900,000Wed Sep 133-1-2
MONTANAState Song: "Montana"
Montana Cash18-24-38-39-43$140,000Wed Sep 130-2-3
Powerball17-18-24-25-31 B24$115,000,000Wed Sep 132-3-0
Megabucks Plus11-17-24-29-35 B04$2,900,000Sat Sep 161-2-2
Hot Lotto03-09-19-25-28 B10$10,470,000Wed Sep 132-3-0
NEBRASKAState Song: "Beautiful Nebraska"
Pick 509-16-31-34-38$206,000Wed Sep 131-1-3
NEW JERSEYState Song: "I'm From New Jersey"
5 Card Cash5D-QD-9H-10S-QS$0Thu Sep 140-2-3
Jersey Cash 515-21-28-30-39$140,000Thu Sep 140-3-2
NEW MEXICOState Song: "O, Fair New Mexico"
RoadRunner Cash03-16-27-33-37$64,000Wed Sep 131-1-3
NEW YORKState Song: "I Love New York"
Take 504-05-16-18-21$0Wed Sep 132-3-0
Lotto06-11-15-20-25-27 S5$7,400,000Wed Sep 133-3-0
NORTH CAROLINAState Song: "The Old North State"
Cash 505-08-11-18-31$137,000Wed Sep 133-1-1
OHIOState Song: "Beautiful Ohio"
Rolling Cash 506-07-16-35-37$100,000Thu Sep 142-1-2
Classic Lotto04-12-20-23-43-48$19,600,000Sat Sep 162-2-2
OKLAHOMAState Song: Oklahoma
Poker PickAC-6C-9C-8D-QD$0Wed Sep 133-2-0
Cash 503-16-18-20-32$0Wed Sep 131-3-1
OREGONState Song: "Oregon, My Oregon"
Megabucks01-22-32-33-36-43$7,200,000Wed Sep 131-2-3
PENNSYLVANIAState Song: "Pennsylvania"
Treasure Hunt01-05-08-12-29$120,000Thu Sep 143-1-1
Cash 516-22-24-34-37$125,000Thu Sep 140-3-2
Match 611-12-16-21-28-39$650,000Thu Sep 143-2-1
RHODE ISLANDState Song: "Rhode Island It's For Me"
Wild Money02-22-24-26-29 S9$121,000Thu Sep 141-1-3
SOUTH DAKOTAState Song: "Hail, South Dakota"
Dakota Cash05-12-17-31-33$20,000Wed Sep 131-2-2
TEXASState Song: "Texas, Our Texas"
Cash 501-05-06-21-33$0Wed Sep 133-1-1
Lotto Texas04-09-18-36-40-41$9,500,000Wed Sep 133-1-2
VIRGINIAState Song: "Carry Me Back To Old Virginia"
Cash 5 Mid01-06-08-09-30$0Thu Sep 144-0-1
Cash 5 Eve10-13-15-25-34$0Wed Sep 131-2-2
Bank A Million03-13-14-22-27-36 S31$0Wed Sep 132-2-2
WASHINGTONState Song: "Washington, My Home"
Hit 502-07-13-14-33$250,000Wed Sep 133-1-1
Lotto06-09-13-22-24-46$3,200,000Wed Sep 133-2-1
WISCONSINState Song: "On Wisconsin"
5 Card Cash4C-QC-9D-10H-9S$0Wed Sep 132-1-2
Badger 501-07-15-26-27$10,000Wed Sep 132-1-2
SuperCash04-22-28-29-30-36$0Wed Sep 131-1-4
Megabucks14-29-31-33-41-47$2,400,000Wed Sep 131-2-3

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