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Saturday   February   17

State &
ARIZONAState Song: "Arizona"
5 Card CashAC-4D-7H-7S-KSThu Feb 222-1-2
Fantasy 504-29-30-35-41$50,000Thu Feb 221-0-4
The Pick02-23-26-32-35-38$1,500,000Sat Feb 241-2-3
ARKANSASState Song: "Arkansas"
Natural State Jackpot01-04-11-19-29$130,000Thu Feb 223-1-1
CALIFORNIAState Song: "I Love You, California"
Fantasy 519-21-26-28-39$75,000Thu Feb 220-3-2
SuperLotto Plus19-27-34-36-39 B17$12,000,000Sat Feb 240-2-3
COLORADOState Song: "Where The Columbines Grow"
Cash 501-04-20-22-31$0Thu Feb 222-1-2
Lotto03-08-19-25-32-36$4,200,000Sat Feb 242-2-2
CONNECTICUTState Song: "Yankee Doodle"
Cash 502-09-30-31-33$0Thu Feb 222-0-3
FLORIDAState Song: "Florida, My Florida"
Fantasy 507-16-25-29-30$0Thu Feb 221-1-3
Lotto03-28-31-38-39-51$3,500,000Sat Feb 241-2-3
GEORGIAState Song: "Georgia On My Mind"
5 Card Cash8C-7D-AH-6S-QS$0Thu Feb 221-2-2
Fantasy 512-15-19-33-36$267,000Thu Feb 221-2-2
IDAHOState Song: "Here We Have Idaho"
Idaho Cash03-10-22-30-45$44,000Sat Feb 242-2-1
Weekly Grand14-16-18-20-32$0Sat Feb 240-4-1
ILLINOISState Song: "Illinois"
LuckyDay Lotto Eve15-21-29-32-38$250,000Thu Feb 221-2-2
LuckyDay Lotto Mid19-22-37-43-44$300,000Fri Feb 230-2-3
Lotto06-14-16-27-34-44 S16$5,000,000Thu Feb 223-2-1
INDIANAState Song: "On The Banks Of The Wabash"
Cash 507-10-21-34-42$1,240,000Thu Feb 222-1-2
Hoosier Lotto01-07-16-19-31-34$1,800,000Sat Feb 243-2-1
KANSASState Song: "Home On The Range"
Super Kansas Cash03-05-14-28-31 B21$280,000Sat Feb 242-1-2
KENTUCKYState Song: "My Old Kentucky Home"
5 Card CashAC-2D-6D-AH-4H$0Thu Feb 222-3-0
LOUISIANAState Song: "Give Me Louisiana"
Easy 507-15-29-34-37$60,000Sat Feb 241-1-3
Lotto06-15-21-28-29-39$475,000Sat Feb 241-2-3
MARYLANDState Song: "Maryland My Maryland"
Bonus Match 503-07-13-26-39 S35$0Thu Feb 223-1-1
5 Card Cash5C-7C-AD-5H-JS$0Thu Feb 223-1-1
MASSACHUSETTSState Song: "Hail Massachusetts"
Mass Cash09-13-16-18-26$0Thu Feb 221-3-1
Megabucks Doubler03-09-18-40-42-45$700,000Sat Feb 242-1-3
MICHIGANState Song: "Michigan, My Michigan"
Poker Lotto2D-10D-JH-4S-KS$0Thu Feb 221-1-3
Fantasy 501-02-10-15-28$187,000Thu Feb 223-1-1
Lotto 4706-08-10-18-43-44$1,250,000Sat Feb 243-1-2
MINNESOTAState Song: "Hail Minnesota"
Northstar Cash08-10-14-18-19$30,000Thu Feb 222-3-0
MISSOURIState Song: "Missouri Waltz"
Show Me Cash08-17-18-27-29$175,000Thu Feb 221-2-2
Lotto01-08-12-25-27-36$1,100,000Sat Feb 243-2-1
MONTANAState Song: "Montana"
Montana Cash02-05-18-27-44$60,000Sat Feb 242-2-1
Lotto America40-41-47-49-51 B10$21,620,000Sat Feb 240-0-5
Powerball13-26-39-44-62 B02$269,000,000Sat Feb 241-3-1
Megabucks Plus06-10-15-27-37 B04$5,550,000Sat Feb 242-2-1
NEBRASKAState Song: "Beautiful Nebraska"
Pick 517-20-23-28-34$50,000Thu Feb 220-3-2
NEW JERSEYState Song: "I'm From New Jersey"
5 Card Cash3C-JC-QC-2D-KH$0Thu Feb 224-0-1
Jersey Cash 506-08-25-33-40$75,000Thu Feb 222-1-2
NEW MEXICOState Song: "O, Fair New Mexico"
RoadRunner Cash03-11-27-29-31$68,000Thu Feb 222-0-3
NEW YORKState Song: "I Love New York"
Take 506-14-20-34-37$0Thu Feb 221-2-2
Lotto03-26-32-42-43-49 S14$5,900,000Sat Feb 241-2-3
NORTH CAROLINAState Song: "The Old North State"
Cash 515-17-25-32-39$100,000Thu Feb 220-3-2
OHIOState Song: "Beautiful Ohio"
Rolling Cash 502-04-05-20-27$100,000Thu Feb 223-1-1
Classic Lotto01-17-22-37-45-48$2,800,000Sat Feb 241-2-3
OKLAHOMAState Song: Oklahoma
Poker Pick5C-6C-6H-3S-QS$0Thu Feb 222-1-2
Cash 512-15-19-31-34$0Thu Feb 221-2-2
OREGONState Song: "Oregon, My Oregon"
Megabucks11-15-18-19-24-47$8,300,000Sat Feb 242-3-1
PENNSYLVANIAState Song: "Pennsylvania"
Treasure Hunt07-12-16-19-21$80,000Fri Feb 231-3-1
Cash 508-21-22-35-37$125,000Thu Feb 221-2-2
Match 603-07-20-27-37-40$950,000Thu Feb 222-2-2
RHODE ISLANDState Song: "Rhode Island It's For Me"
Wild Money02-14-16-26-34 S11$52,000Thu Feb 221-2-2
SOUTH CAROLINAState Song: "Carolina"
Palmetto Cash 502-03-04-11-34$0Thu Feb 224-0-1
SOUTH DAKOTAState Song: "Hail, South Dakota"
Dakota Cash21-28-29-30-34$20,000Sat Feb 240-1-4
TEXASState Song: "Texas, Our Texas"
Cash 517-21-27-28-29$0Thu Feb 220-2-3
Lotto Texas10-11-13-22-26-46$13,000,000Sat Feb 243-2-1
VIRGINIAState Song: "Carry Me Back To Old Virginia"
Cash 5 Mid02-05-15-16-31$0Thu Feb 222-2-1
Cash 5 Eve01-02-06-16-28$0Thu Feb 223-1-1
Bank A Million11-17-22-27-30-31 S12$0Sat Feb 241-2-3
WASHINGTONState Song: "Washington, My Home"
Hit 515-19-24-33-35$160,000Sat Feb 240-3-2
Lotto05-29-31-33-39-44$2,100,000Sat Feb 241-2-3
WISCONSINState Song: "On Wisconsin"
5 Card Cash3C-10D-3H-4H-JS$0Thu Feb 221-3-1
Badger 505-15-19-25-28$81,000Thu Feb 221-2-2
SuperCash02-14-20-26-32-35$0Thu Feb 221-3-2
Megabucks10-16-17-33-36-40$1,300,000Sat Feb 242-1-3

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