Past Drawings For The 2-1-2 Group Only

Date Combination
2-1-2 Group 2-1-2 Sub Groups
Sub Group Ahead/
4/9/201809-13-20-39-44 B1840.82oo 1e 2oe-20.2
3/15/201810-16-17-40-47 B05402ee 1o 2oe-10.7
3/12/201801-08-20-44-45 B1530.32oe 1e 2oe-20.6
3/1/201807-10-26-44-46 B1431.22oe 1e 2ee-32.7
1/25/201808-09-31-43-45 B0630.32oe 1o 2oo-10.9
1/15/201811-15-32-33-40 B1821.62oo 1e 2oe-32.6
11/30/201702-03-27-44-48 B16302oe 1o 2ee31.1
11/27/201712-13-20-37-46 B01202oe 1e 2oe-30.6
11/23/201710-15-19-43-44 B0810.82oe 1o 2oe11.1
10/30/201702-12-22-40-46 B1012.42ee 1e 2ee40.2
8/24/201701-03-27-40-43 B0930.52oo 1o 2oe00.4
8/7/201707-12-22-36-37 B1230.82oe 1e 2oe-30.1
7/13/201706-15-18-36-47 B1031.92oe 1e 2oe-44
5/22/201712-16-31-43-46 B1540.42ee 1o 2oe-10.6
5/8/201704-07-23-39-46 B0230.12oe 1o 2oe10.2
5/1/201703-13-23-44-48 B1120.12oo 1o 2ee00.1
4/24/201702-12-32-36-42 B0620.82ee 1e 2ee30
3/30/201701-10-21-44-45 B1520.32oe 1o 2oe10.1
3/20/201706-08-18-38-46 B14102ee 1e 2ee20
3/16/201701-09-25-36-39 B1500.32oo 1o 2oe-10.8
3/6/201704-11-19-47-48 B0200.12oe 1o 2oe00
2/27/201705-08-27-34-45 B03-10.52oe 1o 2oe-10.4
2/9/201705-09-17-40-44 B04-20.32oo 1o 2ee-10.8
1/30/201706-08-28-36-42 B12-20.82ee 1e 2ee10.3
1/5/201710-11-26-41-47 B02-20.32oe 1e 2oo-10.8
12/26/201601-04-27-35-45 B18-30.72oe 1o 2oo-11.6
12/5/201609-10-17-44-47 B15-32.32oe 1o 2oe-20.4
10/3/201602-16-20-35-43 B03-202ee 1e 2oo10.1
9/29/201606-14-25-46-47 B16-20.32ee 1o 2oe-11.4
9/19/201601-04-19-43-46 B14-30.42oe 1o 2oe-20.5
9/5/201609-14-21-34-40 B18-332oe 1o 2ee30.2
6/16/201608-12-20-33-45 B15-102ee 1e 2oo00.5
6/13/201601-04-21-34-37 B07-202oe 1o 2oe-32.7
6/9/201602-07-25-36-40 B04-30.32oe 1o 2ee20.2
5/30/201602-06-26-34-36 B13-422ee 1e 2ee00.5
4/4/201601-15-27-34-41 B17-31.32oo 1o 2oe-11
2/25/201614-15-31-34-36 B07-20.92oe 1o 2ee10.3
1/28/201601-14-24-35-43 B04-20.32oe 1e 2oo-10.9
1/18/201602-12-26-41-48 B04-33.52ee 1e 2oe00.5
10/15/201507-15-18-38-42 B0900.12oo 1e 2ee00.3
10/8/201501-08-21-42-48 B04-10.72oe 1o 2ee00.4
9/17/201501-09-30-33-43 B09-12.82oo 1e 2oo10.2
6/29/201505-14-32-45-48 B0810.32oe 1e 2oe-10.8
6/18/201504-12-24-42-43 B1301.72ee 1e 2oe00.3
4/30/201509-12-27-34-38 B1811.12oe 1o 2ee00.2
3/30/201504-12-32-33-45 B0420.32ee 1e 2oo00.1
3/19/201503-07-22-43-47 B1011.22oo 1e 2oo00.1
2/12/201504-06-32-42-46 B02102ee 1e 2ee00
2/9/201508-15-25-33-41 B17002oe 1o 2oo00
2/5/201501-15-25-43-47 B1800.32oo 1o 2oo00

We are looking for a pattern.

Is the Group trend of going ahead or going behind changing or staying the same?

What's the most overdue this Group has ever been when it was drawn?

How much overdue were the Sub Groups when they were drawn?

These trends might be an indication of what we can expect in the near future for both the Group and Sub Groups.

As an example, if the Group is on a pattern of going ahead of calculations then it might be a good Group to be playing.