Past Drawings For The 1-3-1 Group Only

Date Combination
1-3-1 Group 1-3-1 Sub Groups
Sub Group Ahead/
2/17/201813-26-39-44-62 B0210.21o 3oee 1e00.5
2/7/201823-34-35-40-47 B1000.71o 3oee 1o10.9
1/6/201812-29-30-33-61 B2601.81e 3ooe 1o-10.2
10/21/201714-41-42-45-69 B0411.61e 3ooe 1o-21.7
8/12/201720-24-26-35-49 B1920.31e 3oee 1o-10.6
7/29/201701-28-40-45-48 B1211.11o 3oee 1e-11.1
6/10/201720-26-32-38-58 B0310.21e 3eee 1e00.4
5/31/201704-33-39-46-60 B0601.31e 3ooe 1e20.1
4/1/201709-32-36-44-65 B0110.11o 3eee 1o10.3
3/25/201718-31-32-45-48 B1600.31e 3ooe 1e10.2
3/8/201723-33-42-46-59 B04-11.91o 3oee 1o10.7
12/14/201618-26-37-39-66 B1500.51e 3ooe 1e00.4
11/19/201616-24-28-43-61 B2100.21e 3oee 1o-11
11/9/201601-25-28-31-54 B02-13.31o 3ooe 1e-10.9
6/22/201614-40-42-43-52 B1720.21e 3oee 1e-10.6
6/11/201620-27-36-41-58 B0710.21e 3ooe 1e-10.5
6/1/201623-30-33-40-69 B1200.51o 3oee 1o00.5
5/7/201605-25-26-44-66 B0900.21o 3oee 1e-10.5
4/27/201602-25-33-39-64 B17-10.51e 3ooo 1e10.1
4/2/201609-28-30-40-61 B03-11.61o 3eee 1o00.1
1/23/201622-32-34-40-69 B19-11.51e 3eee 1o00.1
11/18/201517-40-41-46-69 B0600.81o 3oee 1o00.1
10/10/201512-27-29-43-68 B0100.21e 3ooo 1e00

We are looking for a pattern.

Is the Group trend of going ahead or going behind changing or staying the same?

What's the most overdue this Group has ever been when it was drawn?

How much overdue were the Sub Groups when they were drawn?

These trends might be an indication of what we can expect in the near future for both the Group and Sub Groups.

As an example, if the Group is on a pattern of going ahead of calculations then it might be a good Group to be playing.